Cocoa + Calendula Comfort

Cancer sucks.

I know, pretty obvious. No one says "Cancer?! Alright! Bring it on, I've been feeling waaaaaay too healthy lately."

No, cancer wreaks havoc on peoples' lives. Not content to stop with physical effects and emotional upheaval, cancer goes one step further and robs people of daily, ordinary comforts. As my husband says:

“Our family had the blessing of providing care to my parents when my father underwent treatment for stomach cancer 3 years ago. While I think everyone sees the obvious physical impact of radiation and chemotherapy – losing your hair, weight loss, extreme fatigue – most people don’t realize how much the treatment robs a person of the simplest of comforts. My father developed very sensitive, dry skin and finding non skin irritating products was a challenge. Everything seemed to have at least one component you needed to stay away from. Something most of us turn to for a break, like a bath, became one more thing to struggle through.”


With this in mind, we created our Cocoa + Calendula lip balm and body butter. We started with calendula infused jojoba oil to soothe and nourish, added easily absorbed exotic oils to further relieve dryness and itchiness, and finished with protective natural butters to seal in moisture and add long lasting protection.

The result? A whipped body butter and beeswax lip balm that smell divinely chocolatey and are good for sensitive skin.

For every one purchased, we donate one to local cancer centers. So pamper yourself, and provide a little comfort to others at the same time.


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