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We really hope you love our deodorants, lip balms, scrubs, butters, and growing line of skin care products, and would love to hear about it!  If you DON'T love our products, but have ideas , interest, or feedback about them we still would love to hear from you!   

Our business hours are 9-4 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and messages are usually responded to within 1 business day. 

We DO NOT sell  CBD Products.  

New Leaf Naturals LLC of Michigan is in no way affiliated with companies of similar names that may offer CBD products (LIKE New Leaf Naturals of Tampa, NU Leaf Naturals, Nu Leaf...etc etc).

In the meantime, if you are ever in need of a great natural deodorant or some skin pampering scrubs and butters, check us out at



We have been receiving a number of complaints regarding a company in Florida with the same name,  New Leaf Naturals ...but in Tampa Florida, ( LLCs are registered by state) . We are in no way affiliated with this company and do not offer CBD products.

If  you are being charged for CBD products, or receiving unwanted shipments of CBD is NOT New Leaf Naturals of Michigan BUT it may be the following company instead..    10028 S Church Ave, St 18827 Tampa, Fl 33629   .  Customer Service:(877) 242-8554   THIS CONTACT INFORMATION IS FOR A COMPANY IN FLORIDA NOT RELATED TO New Leaf Naturals of Michigan.  The names and contact  information look similar, but the products and companies are very different.

We are sorry if you are having issues with other companies, and hope you are able to resolve the matter. 




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