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Energy 3-in-1 Body Polish

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It's been a long week, and it's only Tuesday. As you stumble out of bed and head for the shower, you groan, the appointments and to do list already running through your head.

You step under the water...only to step right back out - you forgot to take off your pajamas. It's going to be one of those days.

Or maybe not.

Back under the water, pajamas in a soggy pile, you reach for your new sugar scrub. Energy. Well, you could use some!

You start scrubbing, mind still on the day's activities. Then you pause. You breathe deep. The fresh, bright scent swirls around you and gives you a boost. The massaging action of the sugar crystals increases your circulation and gives your skin a glow. You feel...Awake. Energized. Ready to take on the day.

That to do list doesn't stand a chance.



Ingredients: sugar*, tea infused sunflower oil*, jojoba oil*, beeswax, leucidal sf complete (preservative), quillaja powder*, essential oils of tea tree*, peppermint*, lavender*, eucalyptus*, and lemongrass*




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