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Joy 3-in-1 Body Polish

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Deadlines, impossible school supply lists, appointments, rush hour traffic, the latest social media outrage, and that guy who saw you coming with your hands full but couldn't hold the door...  Sometimes it seems like everything is conspiring to grind us down and steal away our joy.

It's time to get it back.

Grab a jar of Joy 3-in-1 Body Polish and hit the shower. Revel in the warm water, and then crack open the lid. Scrub away the day's cares (and that dead, dry skin). Watch as the oils turn into a moisturizing cleansing milk and wash down the drain. Marvel at your smooth, perfectly moisturized skin. And breathe deep of the bright, happy scents of mandarin and orange. Joy restored.



Ingredients: sugar*, tea infused sunflower oil*, jojoba oil*, beeswax, leucidal sf complete (preservative), quillaja powder*, proprietary blend of essential oils*



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