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We have been amazed at the resoundingly positive feedback from all of our customers, and so decided to start this testimonials page.  We don't post anything without your permission, and as we are JUST starting the page..the list is short.  Don't worry, it won't be short for long!  Show what an incredible early adopter you are and get us your feedback.  Its cooler than having an Apple watch!

"My mother just gave me the chapstick you made, and it is honestly the BEST chapstick I've ever had. (and that's saying a lot because I am obsessed with chapstick)"  Kara

 "So I took my first bath with my Christmas present "Chai and Relax", we had a wonderful time together :) please tell Shawna that I spent time in heaven this afternoon..... New Leaf Naturals and me, we are forever friends!" Cindy


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